David Smith Distinguished Senior Lecturer


Assessment and evaluation; decision making

Research Interests

Judgment and Decision Making, Teaching and Learning, Educational Assessment and Evaluation

Selected Publications

Hirsch, P., Smith, H. D., Birol, G., Yalvac, B., Casler, J., Anderson, J., & Troy, J. (in press) Establishing School-Wide Standards for Engineering Writing: A Data Driven Approach. Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Hirsch, P. Linsenmeier, J. Smith, H.D., & Walker,. J. (2005) Helping Bioengineering Students Become Adaptive Experts By Integrating Communication and Ethics in a Summer Research Experience. Journal of Engineering Education.

Drane, D. Smith, H.D., Light, G., Pinto, L. & Swarat, S. (2005) The Gateway Science Workshop Program: Enhancing student performance and retention in the sciences through peer facilitated discussion. The Journal of Science Education and Technology, 14, 3, 337-352.