The Department of Psychology at Northwestern is actively working to build a group of faculty and students who study the psychological processes related to diversity, using all the tools of psychological science. This encompasses the psychological benefits and challenges of increased diversity, as well as the effects of its absence. Research topics include stereotypes, prejudice, and cultural-specific perceptions and characteristics of individuals. Diversity science also encompasses research on health disparities and research with diverse communities. Research topics include studies of mental health and normative and non-normative social and psychological development among people of color, especially at-risk populations. Present core faculty with efforts in these directions include:

  • Michael Bailey (Sexual orientation and evolutionary psychology)
  • Galen Bodenhausen (Intergroup attitudes and social cognition; diversity)
  • Edith Chen (Socioeconomic status and health)
  • Mesmin Destin (Socioeconomic status; educational motivation)
  • Alice Eagly (Stereotyping of women and minorities; diversity science and social policy)
  • Renee Engeln (Gender, sexual orientation, and body image) 
  • Wendi Gardner (The social self, belonging, emotion)
  • Dedre Gentner (Culture, language, and cognition)
  • Dan McAdams (Life stories of African American adults)
  • Doug Medin (Culture and cognition, decision making)
  • Greg Miller (Health disparities, poverty and stress)
  • Vijay Mittal (Cultural, socioeconomic and sex differences in serious mental illness)
  • Sylvia Perry (Stereotyping and prejudice; intergroup relations; health disparities)
  • Onnie Rogers (Identity; race/ethnicity and gender stereotypes; child and adolescent development)
  • Jennifer Tackett (The role of culture and socioeconomic status in personality and psychopathology)
  • David Uttal (The role of gender and socioeconomic status in STEM education and career paths)
  • Sandra Waxman (Culture, cognition, and development; children’s gender and race categories)

Affiliated Faculty:

Emma Adam (School of Education & Social Policy; perceived discrimination and health)

David Cella (Medical Social Sciences; health disparities)

Nour Kteily (Management and Organizations; social hierarchy and power disparities)

Viorica Marian (School of Communication; bilingualism)

Brian Mustanski (Medical Social Sciences; physical and mental health in LGBT youth)

Destiny Peery (Law School; race and the law)

Nicole Stephens (Management and Organizations; class, race, and gender disparities in education)

Adam Waytz (Management and Organizations; dehumanization in intergroup relations)