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Clinical Brownbag Schedule

All talks are held on Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Swift Hall, Room 210.

Spring 2017

Date Name Position Talk Title


Tina Gupta

Raffles Cowan

Amanda Kramer

Advanced Student Talks 1. Tina Gupta: “Cerebellar tDCS and procedural learning in non-clinical psychosis”

2. Raffles Cowan: “Core beliefs in healthy youth and youth at ultra-high risk for psychosis”

3. Amanda Kramer: “Using a brief writing intervention to activate a courageous mindset and promote courageous behavior: A proof of concept study”


James Glazer

Katherine Damme

Hollen Reischer
Advanced Student Talks

1. James Glazer: “Electrophysiological correlates of reward hypersensitivity to immediate and delayed rewards for individuals prone to hypomania”

2. Katherine Damme: “Neuroimaging insights into biomarkers for risk for chronic psychopathology”

3. Hollen Reischer: “Reproducibility in mixed methods research”

1/26/2018 TBA TBA TBA
2/2/2018 Dr. Patrick Corrigan Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology “Erasing the stigma of mental illness: What says the Dodo bird?”
2/9/2018 Alexandra Apple Student, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine “The role of the hippocampal-prefrontal network in cancer-related cognitive impairment: a multimodal cross-sectional study”
2/16/2018 Dr. David Mohr Professor, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine “Digital mental health”
2/23/2018 Dr. Dan Foti Assistant Professor, Purdue University “Abnormalities in reversal learning associated with dopaminergic functioning, pathological gambling, and depression”
3/2/3018 Dr. Christine Larson Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Neurocognitive-affective bases of emotion dysregulation in internalizing conditions”


Dr. Jennifer Tackett

Associate Professor, Northwestern University Town hall meeting – students only
3/16/2018 Dr. Michael Newcomb Assistant Professor, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine “Integrating relationship education and HIV prevention in young male couples”


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