PhD Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined on the The Graduate School website.

Admission Qualifications

  • Supplementary Material: copies of published or submitted research reports
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Degree: no preference given to master's degree nor undergraduate psychology majors
  • Coursework Background: sufficient to demonstrate both interest in and ability to do research in chosen field of psychology
  • Relevant Research or Experience: none required, but preference given to applicants with demonstrated ability in conducting research
  • Other: official GRE scores

Coursework Requirements

  • PSYCH 401-1 Psychology Proseminar: Biological and Cognitive Bases of Behavior
  • PSYCH 401-2 Psychology Proseminar: Social and Personality Bases of Behavior
  • PSYCH 519 Ethics: Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Statistics (2+ courses required, depending on area.  See Area Requirements). First year sequence typically includes:
    • PSYCH 450: Fundamentals of Statistics
    • PSYCH 451: Statistics in Experimental Design
    • PSYCH 453: Correlation and Regression
    • PSYCH 405: Psychometric Theory
  • The Graduate School requires a minimum of 27 courses

 (Additional and specific requirements differ for the five Program Areas. Consult Area Requirements.)

Other PhD Requirements

  • Master’s Thesis
  • Comprehensive Qualifying Examination
  • PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense
  • PhD Dissertation Defense
  • Research Projects: in addition to master's project and PhD dissertation, students are expected to engage in supervised research projects
  • Teaching experience (serving as a teaching assistant, and guest lecturing)