Paid Participant Registry

The purpose of the Paid Participant Registry is to provide a centralized resource for those interested in opportunities to participate in paid psychology studies. Researchers use the Paid Research Opportunities webpage to publicize their recruitment efforts. Individuals on the registry will be notified when the webpage is updated with new studies. After individuals view the study postings, they may choose whether or not to contact the researcher to participate.


You may subscribe to the Paid Participant Registry by providing your email address. Email notifications will be sent to individuals on this list serve when the Paid Research Opportunities webpage is updated. Your participation in the registry is voluntary and you will not receive payment for your enrollment.

If you’re interested in a paid study on the webpage, you may send an email to the researcher asking to participate. Compensation for participating in a paid study will vary. Your eligibility for a study may be determined by selection criteria set by the study.


Your participation in the Paid Participant Registry does not involve any physical or emotional risk to you.


There may be no direct benefit to you by your involvement in the Paid Participant Registry.


You have the alternative to choose not to enroll in the Paid Participant Registry and/or participate in any research studies recruiting participants through this registry. You are free to visit the research opportunities website at any time without subscribing to the registry.


All email addresses on the list serve for the Paid Participant registry will be located on a password-protected computer in a locked office. Only the Lab Coordinator will have access to this list serve information.

Participants’ Rights

Your participation in this registry is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time.

Contact Persons

The Institutional Review Board Office of Northwestern University, at telephone number 312-503-9338 or, can provide further information about your rights as a research subject and is where any research related injury should be reported. Further information regarding this registry may be obtained by contacting Dr. Michael Bailey, Principal Investigator at 847-491-7429, or the Lab Coordinator, Erica Brown at 847-467-0285. To withdraw from the registry at any time, email Erica Brown with subject “UNSUBSCRIBE PPR” to

Consent and Subscription Form

“I have read this form and the registry has been explained to me. If I have questions, I have been told whom to contact. I agree to enroll in the Paid Participant Registry described above. I am 18 years of age or older.”

If you would like to enroll in this Paid Participant Registry, please enter your email address below.