Dan McAdams Professor; Department Chair

Program Area(s):

Personality and Health; Clinical


Adult personality, life stories, culture

Research Interests

Narrative psychology. The development of a life-story model of human identity. Generativity and adult development. Themes of power, intimacy, and redemption in human lives. Modernity and the self. Autobiographical memory. Psychological biography.

Selected Publications

McAdams, D. P.  (2011).  George W. Bush and the redemptive dream: A psychological portrait. New York: Oxford University Press.

McAdams, D. P., & Olson, B.  (2010).  Personality development:  Continuity and change over the life course.  In S. Fiske, D. Schacter, and R. Sternberg (Eds.), Annual Review of Psychology (Vol. 61, pp. 517-542).  Palo Alto, CA:  Annual Reviews, Inc.

Bauer, J. J., & McAdams, D. P.  (2010).  Eudaimonic growth:  Narrative growth goals predict increases in ego development and subjective well-being 3 years later.  Developmental Psychology, 46, 761-772.

McAdams, D. P.  (2009).  The person:  An introduction to the science of personality psychology (5th Ed.).  New York:  Wiley.

McAdams, D. P., Albaugh, M., Farber, E., Daniels, J., Logan, R. L., & Olson, B.  (2008).  Family metaphors and moral intuitions:  How conservatives and liberals narrate their lives.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95, 978-990.

McAdams, D. P., & Pals, J. L.  (2006).  A new Big Five:  Fundamental principles for an integrative science of personality.  American Psychologist, 61, 204-217.

McAdams, D. P.  (2006).  The redemptive self:  Stories Americans live by.  New York:  Oxford University Press.