Major and Minor Requirements

Major and Minor Requirements

Psychology majors and minors take a common core of courses providing a general introduction to the field and an understanding of research techniques:

  • PSYCH 110- Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYCH 201- Statistical Methods in Psychology
  • PSYCH 205- Research Methods in Psychology

They also take courses in two broad areas within psychology, along with "cross-cutting/integrative" courses:

  • Personality, clinical and social psychology (also called "Column A" courses due to their position in our tables of requirements)
  • Cognitive psychology and neuroscience (also called "Column B" courses)
  • Cross-cutting/integrative (also called "Column C" courses)

Students who successfully complete all requirements for the major will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

For details, see the documents listed below. You can also contact the department office (Swift Hall 102, 847-491-5190) or e-mail to set up an appointment with a department adviser.