Sue Hespos Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies

Program Area(s):



Cognitive development

Research Interests

Object representation, number, and spatial relationships.

Selected Publications

Hespos, S.J., Gredebeck, G., von Hofsten, C., & Spelke, E.S. (2009). Occlusion is hard: Comparing predictive reaching for visible and hidden objects in infants and adults. In press at Cognitive Science.

Hespos, S.J., Ferry, A., Rips, L. (2009). Five-month-old infants have different expectations for solids and liquids. Psychological Science, 20(5), 603 - 611.

Ferry, A., Hespos, S.J., & Waxman, S. (2009). Categorization in 3- and 4-month-old Infants: An Advantage of Words Over Tones. Manuscript in press at Child Development.

Hespos, S.J., Ferry, A. L., Cannistraci, C., Gore, J., Park, S. (2009) Optical imaging on human infants. To appear in A.W. Roe (Ed.) Imaging the brain with optical methods. Springer: New York.