Mary Gerend Associate Professor of Instruction and Research Associate Professor

Program Area(s):



Health psychology; cancer prevention; health messaging

Research Interests

Health Psychology
Women's Health
Cervical Cancer Prevention & Control
Message Framing and Health Communication

Selected Publications

Gerend, M. A., Shepherd, M. A., & Shepherd, J. E. (in press). The multidimensional nature of perceived barriers: Global versus practical barriers to HPV vaccination. Health Psychology

Gerend, M. A., & Maner, J. K. (2011). Fear, anger, fruits, and veggies: Interactive effects of emotion and message framing on health behavior. Health Psychology, 30, 420-423.

Gerend, M. A., & Shepherd, J. E. (2011). Correlates of HPV knowledge in the era of HPV vaccination: A study of unvaccinated young adult women. Women & Health, 51, 25-40.

Ranby, K. W., Aiken, L. S., Gerend, M. A., & Erchull, M. J. (2010). Perceived susceptibility measures are not interchangeable: Absolute, direct comparative, and indirect comparative risk. Health Psychology, 29, 20-28.

Gerend, M. A., & Sias, T. (2009). Message framing and color priming: How subtle threat cues affect persuasion. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 999-1002.

Gerend, M. A., & Barley, J. (2009). HPV vaccine acceptability among young adult males. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 36, 58-62.